XSIS Academy / IT Learning & Training Services

To formalize the training program as well as creating the foundation of the strong education program, Xsis Academy was formed. It combines the high quality of IT education and the IT business to ensure the graduates are ready to work to meet the organization business challenges.

Xsis Academy program was built and enriched by the latest technology, IT training methodology and also soft-skill training to cover bigger aspects of human beings, such as the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). We aim not only at improving the information technology, but also upgrading the skills associated with that technology.

The methodology includes face-to-face courses, computer-based and online courses, and various development models. To realize the professional education program, we provide certified and experienced trainers with the real IT industry background.

With more than 11 years of experience in training and software development, we are confident to deliver great talents to meet the market needs. Our program is also designed to meet various needs, from standard or customized training, and / or Fast Track Program.

Our training comprises of :

1) Regular Class
Training for general class or enterprise with standard modules, fixed scheduled

2) IT Bootcamp
The training program is intended to develop human resources to acquire special skills at a certain level, and ready to become IT professionals

3) Professional Lab training
Class company with a basic module with a standard laboratory atmosphere that has been adapted from the work place;

4) E - Learning
Electronic Learning, a self study approach using high quality of preset training program designed from basic to advanced level to meet the high knowledge and expertise demands.

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