System Development Solution

Business is changing so rapidly and management visibility to the business processes is crucial. Xsis provides system development solution to help customers build the most efficient, solid and flexible IT applications. Those applications are designed to support the most efficient business, while increase productivity and save money.

We use the industry-proven approach that help clients choose the best IT system that suits their needs. The software is built by combining unique features to meet the specific business needs. Our experience in software design and development application will ensure high quality solutions that ensure customer satisfaction.

Our application development solutions ranging from conceptual to the finish product. We help define requirements, choose the right IT solution, implement, upgrade, maintain and operate. Our Software architects help the customer to define business requirements, best technology and business case to get the best solution.

Our Services include :

  • Designing Complex Systems Businesses
  • Extend System Functionality
  • Integrate various systems
  • Build B2B, B2C, C2C Solutions

Our team provides IT solutions based on wide range technologies including :

  • Java and .NET platforms
  • Microsoft Solutions, such as .Net, MS-SQL and SharePoint
  • K2 Service Solution
  • And other technology platforms

We also offer solution management based on software development life cycle (SDLC). As part of the overall project, we will do pieces of the cycle according to the needs, including: designing a good system architecture module by module or as a whole, developing program (coding) in accordance with technical and functional design, testing, and documenting the newly developed application. By implementing this solution management, the overall development will be effective (fulfilling users' present and future needs), efficient (have a reasonable initial cost, and operating cost, support, and enhancement), and ensure the success of the system.

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