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About Xsis

We are an IT solutions provider who offer a wide range of services. Our offerings include top-tier IT Expert Services, cutting-edge Enterprise Application Services, comprehensive IT Managed Services, and enriching IT Learning & Training programs.

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We are an IT solutions provider who offer a wide range of services. Take a tour of our services below :
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About IT Expert Services

We provide IT Expert Services by finding and placing talented candidates that meet the standards of our clients need.

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About Low-Code

Low code is a visual approach to software development that optimizes the entire development process to accelerate delivery. With low code, you can abstract and automate every step of the application lifecycle to streamline the deployment of various solutions. By breaking down traditional silos of business and IT (promoting continuous collaboration), your organization can develop solutions that meet the needs of your business.

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About Scrum

Scrum helps people and teams deliver value incrementally in a collaborative manner. If you are just getting started, think of it as a way to get work done as a team in small pieces at a time, with experimentation and feedback loops along the way.

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About Blockchain

Blockchains are data structures where entries, usually transactions, are written to a database in bundles called blocks. Each block refers to a previous block by a unique identifier known as its hash, which is determined by its contents. This forms a chain of blocks. Although blockchains can store any data, they are generally used to store information about digital asset transactions, hence they are often described as a ledger.

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About Xsis Academy

IT Developer Academy and IT Training in Indonesia – Xsis Academy is a World Class Business Technology that provides trainings in information technology area to produce competent graduates who can take part and be an outstanding performer in professional IT industry.

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Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation XMU 2021-2022 for being supportive and valuable partner to Astra Credit Companies (ACC)

Why Work With Xsis
Wide-Ranging candidates database and internal resources
Supports from our Internal IT team whose vast amount of experiences with many IT background from different disciplines
Strong and experienced Recruitment and Training Center
Unrivalled Information Technology Domain experienced team
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