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About Blockchain

Blockchains are data structures where entries, usually transactions, are written to a database in bundles called blocks. Each block refers to a previous block by a unique identifier known as its hash, which is determined by its contents. This forms a chain of blocks. Although blockchains can store any data, they are generally used to store information about digital asset transactions, hence they are often described as a ledger.

About Blockchain

Why Blockchain is Important?

Here are several reason why we need to adopt Blockchain Technology in our company

Blockchain is immutable. This opens a lot of opportunities for platforms that need immutable traits to make their system more functional in a highly competitive market. Take the supply chain, for example. Immutability enables companies to ensure that there is no hamper done to the packages in transit. As blockchain is immutable, it is not possible to alter the package information in any way. Any alteration will alarm the system.

Another crucial aspect that makes blockchain so important is transparency. There are different types of blockchain. Public blockchain provides transparency due to its nature. It is very useful for different functions of our society, including doing elections. Companies can also utilize it to ensure that the end-user can interact with the processes with full or partial transparency.

As a human being, one of your rights is freedom. There are centralized entities that offer connectivity in terms of economy but also takes away our freedom. Take your bank, for example. It can block your transactions or confiscate your account if deemed right. There are banks that do so — even when the account holders have not done anything wrong. So, if you are taking blockchain into account, you will find there is no centralized authority.

With blockchain, you get true digital freedom. You are your own bank. You can take out your money when you want and do it without anyone else authorization. With the lack of any central authority, you are the sole owner and person responsible for your assets. It gives you the digital freedom that relies heavily on the backbone of blockchain technology.

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We started adopt Blockchain technology since 2018 by selling Blockchain Products, Supplying Resources Experts, and providing Training Blockchain Technology for companies or individuals who just want to simply learn about Blockchain and who want to use Blockchain Technology.

Corda Blockchain Platform

The open permissioned distributed application platform

Build fast without complexity with Corda

Corda is the fast and future-proof way to build multi-party apps that run on permissioned, scalable, and secure distributed networks–that is also open to other apps and chains. The next generation of Corda was engineered to meet the needs of customers who are operating at scale in regulated environments.


Corda Features

Corda is the world’s leading distributed application platform enabling the effortless development of multi-party apps.

Apps for every industry
Privacy with provenance
Fine-tuned for the enterprise
Blockchain application firewall
Oracle & SQL server database
Optimized for real-world corporate IT environments

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