Equine Technologies Group

Initiated by extra-ordinary ideas to serve Business-IT customers globally, EQUINE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, as a holding company, was established and projected to be the leading edge technology provider and solution partner. The strategic solutions it contains, were designed and set up uniquely with high quality of service to drive solid solution planning, implementation, and support, that strongly promote customers’ productivity, speed , efficiency, and security.

Comprises of young, smart, and energetic people, some solution focused affiliation companies were formed , which all together create effective combination and complete set of IT solutions . Values of the companies of being smart-proactive-responsive-and-humble, marks even stronger existence to drive service oriented enterprise and become one of the expanding ICON in the region.

Thru the current three-affiliate companies, namely PT. Equine Global ( Strategic system integrator and consultant, SAP Consulting services partner ), PT. Optima Data Internasional ( Oracle Consulting Services partner), and PT. Xsis Mitra Utama (Expert resource and service management), the great values and quality services are realized, bringing the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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